The teacher education programs aim at grooming teachers for the future.  In any teacher education program, planning of lesson is an important activity.  Planning of lesson serves many purposes and stems from different perspectives.  These perspectives are grouped into four, viz., (1) General Approach, (2) Focussing on Objectives of Instruction, (3) Grounded in Psycho-social Theories and (4) Comprehensive Models of Lesson Planning.  These perspectives are not mutually exclusive and are not claimed to be exhaustive.   How to plan a lesson remains a problematic but crucial topic for teacher education.  But there are dominant model of lesson planning at institutional and university levels. There are various reasons why a definite model in the lesson planning is popularised at institutional and university levels.  The ideas presented in this paper are intended to encourage teacher educators to refrain from imposing a linear structure on the planning of lesson which is against the principle of flexibility. Also, teacher-trainees should be exposed to a wide range of possibilities to develop a lesson so to enable them to personalise their own lesson plan. 

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