15 Jul 2014
July 15, 2014

Science of Science Education

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Education is perceived s a process of progressive discovery of ignorance.  In the present educational scenario, constant updating and dissemination of knowledge is essential to improve the quality of the teaching-learning process and sustain the quality of output, and also to keep pace with the rapid changes around.

Fr. Dr. K. M. Rajan had taken a step forward in this direction through the publication of the book – Science of Science Education.  The book is an attempt to familiarise teachers with new insights regarding the teaching-learning process as well as to introduce the student teachers to new perspectives in science education, especially the constructivist approach.

I am proud to state that Fr. Dr. K. M. Rajan is an illustrious teacher of science in St. Joseph’s Training College, Mannanam, and his scholarship and vast experience in the field of teaher-education in India and abroad is reflected in the book.

The book will be useful to teachers of science, students of science education and research scholars in education.  I wish the new task all success.

Prof. Jose Augustine


St. Joseph’s Training College


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