j9A combination physical science class with students from grades 9-11 was observed in a multi-ethnic school for a period of three weeks. The investigator observed and audiotaped seven class periods, each of 59 minutes duration, interviewed three science teachers, and collected documents such as seating charts, student grade reports, work sheets, question papers, etc. There are two major themes that can be inferred fairly accurately from the study. (1) Classroom processes can be conceived to have three distinct phases – – the opening phase, the instructional phase, and the closing phase. (2) Teacher’s philosophy and personality are translated into teacher’s behavior and transpired in classroom management. The Holy Angels High School is located in San Pedro, California. San Pedro is a rapidly growing area and the school is in its third year of existence. The school looks like a typical suburban high school. The glass windows of the front red brick building have a lot of posters on it. One yellow poster cautioned every visitor: “Kinds Zone” enter with care and love. There are several other posters regarding ‘ Cinco de Mayo’ (a Mexican festival) celebrations. The school is a 9-11 multi-ethnic high school offering college preparatory, general education, and vocational courses. The total enrolment in the school is approximately 1500. The student body consists of approximately 53% White, 24% Hispanic and 16% Black students, and the remaining 7% is Asian and students of other origin.

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